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E-Purse Management System (EPurS)

System Overview

Product Information

CALMS E-Purse Management System (EPurS) enables cashless environment thus removing the laborious task of cash handling, eliminate leakages and improving accountability with automated reports and audit trail,With the system, daily or monthly report can be generated easily for settlement or strategic planning purposes.EPurS supports various cards, readers and devices.

- Simple, User Friendly.
- Consist of Server Management System that communicates real time with the PC POS Client Application that is equipped with card readers.

Server Module
- Provide Administrative Operation and Management
- User Authorization and System Setting
- Item and Vendor Management
- Activity Tracking
- Top Up Management
- Transaction Management

PC POS Client Module
- Item Selections and Calculation
- Cash and Card Payment
- Void Transaction
- Receipt Printing
- Report

Minimum Requirements
- INTEL Dual Core 2.0Ghz or above compatible PC with USB ports and network interface card.
- Minimum 1G RAM for Client PC and 2G RAM for Admin Server.
- Minimum 160G hard disk space for Client PC and 320G hard disk space for Admin Server.
- CD-ROM Drive for program installation.
- MS-Windows XP/Vista PRO operating system for Client PC and MS-Windows 2000/2003 Server for Admin Server.
- Recommended MS-SQL Server Database. Other database can be supported with customization.



Click here to download E-Purse Management System (ePurS) brochure.