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Card Application Life Cycle Management System (CALMS®)

CALMS® is the core system required for any smart card implementation. The system has been designed and developed based on open-architecture. It has the flexibility to configure any database, import / export data, integrate and generate reports.

CALMS® is essential to manage cards and its applications. It involves the preparation of the cards before activation, inventory and information, application management, security policies and procedures, key generation and transfer. The cards then need to be presonalised to the cardholder’s graphical and electrical personalisation, integrated with other systems to retrieve / update data ( if any ) and then have its applications activated.

CALMS® is a self customisable, self configured report generator to provide flexibility to the end-user to generate any reports they like based on the information available in the system.

Card Personalisation
- Creation of structure / mapping in the card
- Key Transfer / Loading
- Per Card / Batch processing
- Card Issuance / Re-issuance
- Graphical Personalisation on card

Card Life Cycle Management
- Keep track of inventory history
- Keep track of card life-cycle status

Application Management
- Manages applications’ life-cycle in cards
- Field devices communications
Key Management
- Generation of keys required by application
- Security Access Module ( SAM ) integration
System management
- Keep track of profiles
- User privileges access control
- Transaction management
- Import / Export of data
- Management report generator

Click here to download Card Application Life Cycle Management System (CALMS®) brochure.